Fuck your sad face, make the lemonade.

I’ve been taking time away from people and social media. I told myself that after the exams I’de be hibernating for a whole month. I ultimately wanted to keep my phone off for the entire day, and then get back on at night and see whats been happening during the day. But as you can imagine, after deleting my Facebook and Instagram, not much was happening on my phone. I’de switch the device back on and see a message from the work group like “Nadine, where is your count sheet from yesterday, we are down one Dermalogica product.?”. I’de roll my eyes, and then switch my phone back off again. I love my job. Continue reading


Learning to let go

Personally, letting go is something I find very hard. When I’ve invested my time and energy into someone or something and it just doesn’t work out, letting go is actually the last thing I’de want to do. Admittedly, I am a very bitter person. I will hold the grudge until my ears fall off and, of course, this has never been a good thing. Continue reading

Caring for High-Porosity Hair. No Lye

So its summer in Cape Town, the sun is blazing, you did the porosity test and your hair sinks in the water. Yes, you have high porosity hair. After hours of crying, and contemplating the Lye, you realize you have to just work with what you have because you know you look ten times worse with that relaxer. Continue reading