Kinks/Coils and hair from hell.

So this blog is about my type 4 natural hair and what I do for upkeep, what I’ve learnt so far from other naturalistas and how I keep myself from ripping it out of my skull because you guys know that this hair is rude.

Now, some people are already at the point in their natural hair journeys where they’re totally in-love with their natural hair –dont get me wrong, natural hair is really beautiful – but lately I’ve been feeling like taking care of this hair is a job. And I don’t know how you guys feel… but I like to get paid for my job so this shit is making me bitter.

More about my texture; I’ve got tighter curls at the crown (4c I guess) and 4b curls around the parameters of my head. High porosity, cotton-wool like, fluffy, dry and emotionally draining. I am currently growing out a tapered cut which I LOOOOVED. Extremely happy to have some length back because now I get to do those easy hairstyles i.e. high-puff, space buns (two of my favourites).

I am not here to sell you dreams about natural hair. I have been natural for about 5 years and I am still learning to love my hair. I’m only going to speak from experience. What works for my hair might not work for yours. So don’t go telling your auntie that nappynayy said this, that and the other and now your hair is falling out. Haha.

Anyway, don’t forget to trim your ends. x


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